Page 30: When asked if the child likes the dog, you can hear a faint yes. The file will play through twice. On the second play through, I amplified the “yes.”

Page 91: Scott asks the spirit to make a noise by knocking on something, we get just what we asked for.

Page 144: Not sure on this one, but you hear a weird sound that sounds like “yeah” at about eight seconds. Could be nothing, but I remember when we were there, it sounded more clear to me as a “yeah.” If the clip were to continue, you would hear us say, “I heard it say yeah.”

Page 145: We were talking about playing with the toys, and then you can hear a voice say “play” at seven seconds.

Page 145: The home owner mentions to push the truck and at three seconds, you hear a voice say “push that.”

Page 145: This is the whole monkey segment where the word “monkey” appeared on the ghost radar. No audio other than our excitement.

Page 147: This was when we were hearing bangs upstairs. At three seconds you hear one of the bangs and we acknowledge it.

Page 152: This is a strange one. The dog started barking just before you hear a breath or maybe even a sigh. The breath sound is at about three seconds.