Evansville I Can See It – (page 74) In this clip you can hear the whispering of “I can see it”.  Again, this may have been me or one of the investigators, so not sure. It plays through twice with the second time being cleaned up.

Evansville 2 – (page 76) This clip is the one where the dowsing rods moved very quickly and it actually be heard.

Missy Conversation – (page 32) This is the entire conversation we had with the ghost radar device.

Missy knock – (page 33) After I ask it to finish the knocking pattern, you can hear two knocks at about 23 seconds.  After that it plays again amplified.

Missy Not Sure – (page 34) I am not really what this is saying.  It plays twice, so maybe you can figure it out.

Missy He’s Coming Back – (page 34) It sounds like a woman saying “He’s coming back”.  It plays twice with the second clip being amplified a bit.

Missy Male Voice – (page 34) Sounds like a male voice at the beginning of the clip.

Courthouse C Work – (page 95) When I asked the spirit “did you work here”, you can hear a whisper of “yes” about 2 ½ seconds in,  just before you hear Len’s voice.  I tried to amplify it, but it didn’t help much.

Courthouse C Whistle – (page 95) When I asked if the sprit was watching over the building, you can hear a whistle at about 3 seconds.  I then increased the volume to pull out the “no”, but it may actually be saying “yes”.

Courthouse C Scream – (page 95) At 2 seconds, 10 seconds and 13 seconds, you can hear what sounds like as scream.  You may need to turn your volume up on this one.

Courthouse C Police – (page 95) In this clip I ask if anyone is here and the word “policeman” comes up followed by “hurt”.

Courthouse C Help – (page 98) I ask if anyone was in here with us and a response of “help” comes through.

Courthouse C Bang – (page 99) I do the knocking pattern and you can hear a knock in response followed by me asking if anyone made the noise.

Courthouse C Yours – (page 101) In this clip, when asked what’s your name, it sounds like a response of “what’s yours” comes through the radio at about 4 seconds.  Maybe it’s actually saying “Up yours”.

Courthouse C Lauren – (page 101) At 1 seconds you hear the name Lauren come through the radio.

Courthouse C Judge – (page 101) You can hear a response to me asking if they were a former judge.

Courthouse C Hello – (page 101) After asking the spirit to communicate a little stronger with us, you can hear a response of “hello” at about 6 seconds.  We all comment that we heard “hello” afterwards.

Courthouse C Dead – (page 101) I ask “why are you here” and it’s followed with a response of “Dead” at about 6 seconds.

Mineral Footsteps – (page 161) Between 0 and 4 seconds, you will hear several footsteps along with me turning on my flashlight to see what was making noises.

Mineral Mechanical – (page 162) At 2 seconds you can hear the mechanical noise that I mentioned was picked up on audio.  After reviewing the video, I found that this was the sound it made when one of the investigators turned her camera on.

Mineral Drip – (page 162) At 1 sec, 7 secs and 9 secs, you will hear the dripping water.

Mineral Whisper – (page 163) At 2 seconds you can hear the whisper just below me talking.  I cleaned up the background noise and tried to draw the whisper out more.  It plays the clip again cleaned up, but you may need to increase your volume.

Mineral Troyzilla – (page 163) At 9 seconds you hear a scream right before Sandy laughs.  The huge racket is Troy tripping on stuff.

Mineral Hello – (page 163) At about 1 second you hear Sandy cackling, and then a female voice says hello.